While Brendan O’Connor spoke eloquently yesterday afternoon outside Parliament House, it’s worth remembering that blame is not to be laid solely at the foot of the Liberal Party. They merely can enact pro-capital policy without the dreaded albatross of union/labour movement history over their head, i.e. they have no pretences to be helping working people. The Labor Party haven’t exactly been a bed of roses either.

Having never been to a union rally before, I will just quickly mention how remarkable it is for cleaners, bureaucrats and tradies to be united by a single cause. It reaffirms, after my revisits to Marx, that the veneer of cultural class is a distraction from what we hear for workers; that workers across all sectors are having conditions and pay cut. While the left have self-destructive fights over correct language or which artists to boycott – and a troubling current record on class – the bourgeoisie not only act as a class but as a friend to your politically correct, class-unconscious leftie (through socially-conscious campaigns, usurping countercultural ideas for branding purposes, etc.)


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